SVC Glacial Cooler 68 Revisited



I previously reviewed the SVC Glacial Cooler 68 (GC68) with only the stock fan on a Duron 800Mhz I now have a 1.2Ghz Thunderbird so I want to see how it performs, I also have some more fans. Case-Mod sent over the 48.5CFM fan that you can upgrade it to when you buy the heatsink. Also Pham Computer sent over an 80mm 80CFM Delta which I am going to throw on it. Last but not least I will be using a Panaflo L1A with the GC68 for those of you who want a silent computer.

Here are the results from the previous testing with a Duron 800Mhz and the stock fan for comparison.




Test Bed

The SVC Glacial Cooler 68 comes with free artic Alumina however like always I will be using Artic Silver 3 for testing, I will also be using an external Compunurse thermal probe for the temperature readings. After booting up the computer I let the CPU idle for about 30 minutes and took the readings from the Compunurse.

 After taking those results I used Prime95 to torture test the CPU and bring it to load, here are the results.


A lot of people are really interested in this heatsink and I wanted to provide more information on it which is why I am revisiting it. Because the Thunderbird I used is much faster and puts out a lot more heat than a Duron does the temperatures are higher than previous testing. I still think that this is one of the best heatsinks on the market and highly recommend it. This heatsink would not be the best for overclocking, however if you are not overclocking and want a quiet system you will love this heatsink. I am currently using it with a L1A in my server and as I type this the temperature of my Duron 800 is 41 degrees Celsius. Head on over to Case-Mod and pick one up.
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.