SVC Glacial Cooler 68 Heatsink Review



Most heatsinks these days are either 60mm all the way or 80mm all the way. 60mm fans are usually loud and high pitched and 80mm fans usually quieter and lower pitched. If you are trying to get a good overclock without having your computer sound like a plane taking off you probably know there are only a few heatsinnks that will do this job. What happens though if you want a 60mm base and a 80mm fan? Well you can get an adapter however these usually decrease the performance of the heatsink considerably. This heatsink though has a 60mm base and accommodates a 80mm fan, the best of both worlds, lets take a look.

The SVC Glacial Cooler 68 is an aluminum heatsink, when you purchase this heatsink you get the heatsink, 80mm fan, and a pack of Artic Alumnia. As you can see the base is 60mm and the fan is 80mm, the fan has a 3-pin motherboard connector

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The bottom of the heatsink is quite shiny and well finished, there are little to no blemishes on it.

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I disassembled the heatsink and examined it further. The heatsink has 21 fins, which differ in size.

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The fan is a Young Lin, Model #: DFC802512M and the specs are the following.

  • Dimensions: 80x80x25
  • Air Flow: 30 CFM
  • Speed: 2500 RPM
  • Noise: 28 dB

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