AOpen AK77 Pro(A)-133 Motherboard Review



The AOpen AOpen AK77 Pro(A)-133 motherboard comes with the VIA Apollo KT266a chipset. The 266a chipset is the successor to the VIA 266 chipset, like the VIA 133 chipset is to the 133a. The motherboard also comes with the VT8233A southbridge rather than the VT8233.

The VIA Apollo KT266A features an enhanced memory controller, designed with exceptionally high performance in mind. Supporting DDR200/266 memory, the VIA Apollo KT266A provides lightning fast access to system memory. Timings have been improved, resulting in faster transfers between the synchronized Front Side Bus and Memory Bus. Data queues have been deepened, allowing faster and more efficient access to buffered data. The end result is the industry’s fastest DDR memory controller.

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The VIA Apollo KT266A supports the AMD Athlon/Duron/XP S2K system bus, running at up to an effective 266MHz. Offering up to 2.1GB/s of bandwidth, the 266MHz system bus perfectly complements the high performance DDR memory subsystem and V-Link bus.

The AOpen AOpen AK77 Pro(A)-133 motherboard has a lot of cool features which we will look at in much more detail later in this review but here is a quick overview of what the board has to offer

Key Features

  • Support 266MHz(EV6) System Bus for AMD Athlon / XP & Duron Socket A CPU
  • Support PC1600/PC2100 DDR SDRAM
  • Jumper-less Design
  • DIE-HARD BIOS with External Controller (Upgrade optional)
  • CPU clock ratio from 5.5 to 12.5
  • Support 1X / 2X / 4X AGP mode
  • AC’97 2.1 Audio support / Audio Codec onboard
  • CPU Vcore Adjustment for Overclockers through BIOS Setting (1.1V ~1.85V)
  • Supports 4 USB ports
  • 1MHz Stepping Frequency Adjustment
  • Support Ultra DMA/133 HDD (Additional UDMA/133 Cable included)
  • Wake-On-LAN / Modem
  • Resetable Fuse Providing Short Circuit Protection for Keyboard and USB Device
  • ACPI S3 (Suspend to RAM) and S4 (Suspend to Disk)
  • AOpen Bonus Pack CD (Norton Anti-Virus included)


CPU: AMD Athlon / XP (Socket A) AMD Duron (Socket A)
ASIC: VIA KT266A / VT8233A AGPset
Architecture: 1 CNR slot + 5 PCI slots +1 AGP slot
Max. Main Memory: Max. 3GB DDR SDRAM for 184pin DIMM*3
DIMM Type: 64/128/256/512 MB/1GB
On Board Sound: Analog Devices AC’97 CODEC onboard
Battery: 3V Lithium Battery
Green Function: Yes
BIOS: Award Plug and Play 2Mb Flash ROM BIOS
Board Size: 244mm x 305mm, ATX Form Factor