Zalman ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller Review



Zalman computer products have been advertising the silencing factor of their products for many years.  Most of their heatsinks are even packaged with their “Fanmate” to let the user adjust the fan’s RPMs, thereby reducing the noise the fan produces.

To achieve a virtually silent computer, some users have used several Fanmates or other rheostats to reduce noise, but since these devices are inside your computer they cannot be easily accessed to dynamically adjust.

This is where Fan Controllers come in, as they allow you to control several different fans from the front of your computer, and usually have an indicator of their performance.  Zalman has released their ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller, which is the evolution of their previous fan controller the ZM-MFC 1 (reviewed here).

Zalman’s has updated everything about this Fan Controller for the 21st century.  The device not only supports 4 seperate fans and temperature sensors, but also tells you how much power your PC is using, and displays it all on a very bright, multi-colored LCD display, and each fan is controlled digitally via a jog dial and buttons!


  1. Real time display of power consumption
  2. Four sensors for temperature monitoring and display
  3. Monitoring and control of one PWM fan and three standard fans
  4. Alarm system to notify non-operation of any of the fans
  5. Fan’s operation status indicated with animated propeller images


Dimensions 147(L) x 87(W) x 42(H) mm
Power & Temperature Display 30~800W/ -9 °C~+99 °C
Fan Compatibility 1 X 4-Pin (Supports fans with PWM function)
3 X 3-Pin (Supports fans with RPM output function)
Fan RPM Control 60~5940rpm PWM Regulation Method (Fan No.4)
Voltage Control Method (Fan No.1~3)
Output Current 0.7A
Output Voltage +4~11VDC
Input Voltage +12VDC/+5VDC

Front Panel

  1. Graphic Power Load Meter: Displays power between 30 to 800W in 4 stages.
  2. Numeric Power Load Display: Numerically displays power between 30 and 800W (will display “LLL” when overflow occurs)
  3. Fan Status Display
  4. Fan Channels
  5. RPM Display: During RPM Setting, RPM is displayed in units of 60RPM, and actual operational RPM is displayed in units of 10RPM
  6. Temperature Display: Displays temperature readings between -9 °C and +99 °C
  7. Jog Wheel: Used for adjusting Fan RPM. RPM can be set from 1000 to 5940RPM in units of 60 RPM
  8. Mode Button: Used for selecting a Fan Channel and saving the Fan RPM setting