Zalman ZM-MFC1 Fan Controller Review



Zalman has been a maker of innovative products for your PC focusing on quiet operation. They offer silent power supplies, innovative passive chipset coolers with effective silent designs. If a fan is necessary, Zalman does it’s best to reduce its noise, based on a company philosophy they call Computer Noise Prevention System.

Zalman now introduces a 6 channel fanbus to control of the many system fans incorporated in many computers today. We are looking at the Zalman ZM-MFC1: One controller to rule them all, one controller to bind them… er… on with the review!


The ZM-MFC1 is a universal DC fan controller integrating 6 channels capable of 7 watt loads per channel. Four of these channels use rheostats for variable control. The reaming two channels use 3 position switches to change between 12 and 5 volt operation. Here are the statistics ripped directly from Zalman:

Zalman ZM-MFC1 Multi Fan Speed Controller: Manufactured by Zalman Tech
4 CH – Adjustable channels by volume knob
Maximum Power: 7.0W per channel
Maximum Adjustable Range: +6.5Vmax (=Vfan(max) – Vfan(min))
Maximum Voltage Drop: +2.0Vmax (= Vpin(max) – Vfan(max))
Extension cable length(4pcs): 400mm
2 CH – Adjustable Ports by select switch
Maximum Power: Unlimited, while used power supply capacity
Adjustable Range: Max voltage output or Min voltage output
6-Channel Fan controller fits into one 5.25″ drive bay
Universal DC fan controller
Easy fan speed check with color/intensity-changing LED-lights
3-pin extension cable for convenient installation – for use when the fan’s wire length is too short to reach the controller


The controller is shipped in a compact blister pack, with a cardboard backing. The backing has a perforated opening, allowing for easy removal of the product. When removed properly, the removed perforated area is an installation reference card, showing a simple wiring diagram. Also included on the back are key specifications and component list.

Incorporated into the package graphics is a face template. Zalman recognizes that many of its customers will want to integrate the controller seamlessly into their systems, and includes a face template. This template can be used to drill custom drive faces, replacing the included blue acrylic face.