Xion Predator AXP 970 Case Review

Xion Predator Front Angle


I’m always a bit skeptical of gaming cases, or the enthusiast cases.  There’s no way I could convince myself to walk into my nearest Fry’s and pick one off the shelf that looked good.  It simply goes against the common sense that many of us have developed to do our research before we buy.  That said, when a Xion Predator AXP 970 landed in my lap for review, it felt a bit like the Russian roulette of performance cases.  Knowing nothing about the case, I set out to personally acquaint myself with it.

At first glance the Predator AXP 970 looks much like many other performance cases.  It’s got the standard color, the obvious frontal intake fan, some distinguishing lines and the side window, or mesh in this case.  However, lets not judge this boo-, err, case by its cover!  A little time spent poking around inside can tell us far more about a case than the exterior alone, so let’s take a look under the hood and see what’s in store for us…

Xion Predator Front Angle Xion Predator Back Angle

Opening this case was a little like opening the door of a Lincoln Town Car, stepping in and finding yourself inside a limo.

Pop-out hot-swap hard drive

Well hello there!

The interior of the Predator AXP 970 was for more revealing than the rather ordinary-looking exterior and there was plenty to be impressed with.  Immediately obvious were the built-in front-loading hot-swappable SATA hard drive trays, a feature which immediately had my attention.  Could installing a hard drive in this chassis be as easy as slipping it into a front-loading slot?  Someone pinch me!