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So, you’d like to publish an article on OCmodshop.  We can publish technology articles, hardware reviews, game reviews, and game guides.  Just fill out the form below, or if you want a more serious commitment, then join our staff and we’ll even send you stuff to review.

Technology articles can be about a how-to guide, commentary on an industry event, or sharing your latest hardware project.

Hardware reviews can be on mice, keyboards, cell phones, cameras, motherboards, video cards, or just about anything another geek would be interested in.

News is something you’d like to share.  If you’re a hardware or software vendor, please include your business and additional contact information.

Game guides are simple articles that helps people either defeat a game, become more skilled at it, or provides information about it.

Game walkthroughs should take the player step-by-step through a game from start to finish, and offer tips, tricks, and strategies on how to beat particularly hard parts of the game or puzzles.

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