Green Evolution 125mW Laser Review


Meet the green evolution

Everyone has heard of a laser pointer before. But when said, the first thing that may pop into their heads is a small gold coloured 1mW red laser pen. The days have gone where those were the only types of portable lasers available. Now the laser community is growing large and at a fast rate. Why you ask? Well because these new types of lasers are not only green but can also melt plastic, burn material, pop balloons and even light a match!

So today we will be looking at a highly powerful portable laser; this is not a toy by any means. The Evolution series is a new series of lasers offered by the well known company Wicked Lasers from The Evolution series can be found in many different power outputs which are between 15mW and 125mW. We are lucky to be testing the 125mW Evo as they like to call it in the laser community and the 532nm Green LaserShades which are currently included with every purchase of the Evo range.

About Wicked Lasers:
“With the mission to become the ultimate laser technology provider, Wicked Lasers has been making the world glow since 2003. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Wicked Lasers designs and manufactures a full range of handheld laser products and accessories. Through our focus and drive to create the brightest and most intense handheld lasers, in just over 3 years, Wicked Lasers has become the world’s leading online laser retailer. We strive to push the limits on laser fun and functionality.”

Design – New presentation box
Firstly I will start this review by mentioning that Wicked Lasers have reinvented the box the laser pointer comes in. The old box was small and a bit thin and didn’t protect the laser too well although it did look nice as you can see from below.

The new box however is a lot larger and the reason for the size is because of all the protection it gives the laser it houses, through its firm foam which the laser securely fits into. The box is also more professional looking and has a larger image on the front. It also has two magnets which help close the box. I believe the new box does justice as a place to put your laser.

Wicked Lasers’ Evolution 125mW Specifications
Name Evolution Series
Size 13x143mm
Wavelength 532nm
Laser Body Aircraft Grade Polished Aluminum
Transverse Mode TEM00
Output Power 125mW
Beam Divergence <1.5mRad
Beam Diameter 0.8 mm @ aperture
Power Consumption 170mA-240mA
Power Supply 2 X AAA 1.5V
Battery Lifetime 90 min
Switch Momentary On/Off Button
Expected Lifetime >5,000 hours