What I Like about Wii


What I like about Wii

These past few months, since Nintendo announced the details about their new system, I’ve been excited. I’ve been researching this new “revolution” in gaming. I liked what I heard. I was skeptical, however. The vision of Wii was so wildly different from anything before it, that I assumed it was either going to be incredible or it would just be another GameCube. I am very pleased to say Nintendo has fixed all their mistakes from the past, and this will mean big things for the next generation.

The setup
Wii’s packaging wins big on style points. The box is a stark white, sporting the logo and photos of the console and remote on either side. Very little information about the innards are on the outside, which makes the box easy on the eyes. Major eco points lost for the packaging on the inside, however. Every component is wrapped in plastic which will leave a mountain of trash when all is said and done. The setup of Wii itself is pretty effortless. Aside from a mildly irritating and slow firmware update, Nintendo makes the process pretty painless by providing preconfigured settings for your Wiimote, the most complex piece of the console. These settings will most likely work for most, but I found that a little tweaking can’t hurt.

Nintendo faithfuls will be pleased to see the familiar DS internet setup when configuring their Wi-Fi settings.