Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Expandable Mechanical Keyboard

Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Review Summary:

This keyboard could be a good backup, especially if space in your bag or backpack is an issue. The two powered USB ports and expandability make it an interesting consideration.

The Tesoro Tizona is a mechanical gaming keyboard that wants to win your hard-earned gaming dollars with some features that other keyboards do not offer.  The keyboard is without a 10-key numpad, but does support an add-on number pad with its two side-mounted USB ports.

Other keyboards only offer one USB port, primarily because the extra cable is a passthrough. The Tizona has a true USB hub integrated into the keyboard, so the single lead cable can support both integrated ports.  This is fine for most low-power devices such as mice and flash drives, but higher-powered devices require a bit more juice.  The keyboard supports additional power via a separate USB cable , but this cable is woefully shorter than the main cable.

Tizona Box with Keyboard

Keyboard layout

The Tesoro Tizona is rather heavy, as most mechanical keyboards are.  The keyboard is housed in dense plastic instead of metal or brushed aluminum as many keyboards implement.

The layout is pretty standard, with the backslash “/” above the Enter key, and the Enter key is single-tall (some keyboards have an oversized Enter key at the cost of a smaller backslash key).  The labels are printed on the keys, rather than the laser-etching methods of other premium mechanical keyboards.

Tesoro Tizana 3

The notable features of this keyboard are the extra features such as Media keys and Gamer modes, which are toggled with the Function “Fn” key, which replaces the right Windows keys.

Tesoro took some time to brand the keyboard with their name.  The Escape keycap has the “Tesoro” logo on it, and the “Tesoro” name appears on the spacebar.

Escape Key Tesoro Logo G and N Keys on Home Group

The font of the keyboard is a blocky style that gamers may like, which is very similar to the Cooler Master QuickFire Stealth.

Tizona Rear Elevation

The bottom of the keyboard has two flat rubber feet at the bottom front, and since they are not rounded do not catch completely when the back of the keyboard is raised.  The back of the keyboard has two levers that can be set to two positions, which change the back elevation of the keyboard.

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