Seasonic S12 430-Watt Power Supply Review



Sea Sonic is a rising competitor in the consumer power supply market, dedicated to developing and manufacturing green and silent power supplies. To keep with their promise, the Sea Sonic S12-430W, contains numerous features to keep no only their power supply, but your computer running silent.

The packaging done by Sea Sonic is impressive with its nice colors and clear graphics as well as the cute handle on the top (purpose of handle is unknown, but I like it). The box also lists a ton of the unit’s special features on the back.

The following is a list of some of the general features included with the S12:

Seasonic S12 Power Supply Features
  • Complies with the latest Intel ATX 12V v2.0 spec.
  • Supports latest Pentium 4’s and AMD Athlon 64/64FX
  • Extremely High MTBF (>100,000 hours)
  • Supports PCI Express and Serial ATA
  • Double-ball bearing Fan
  • Dual +12V Rails
  • External Fan Control Output
  • Super High Efficiency (up to 80%)
  • Active Power Factor Connection
  • Smart & Silent Fan Control
  • 120mm Cyclone Fan
  • Twisted & Tidy Wires
  • Easy Swap Connectors
  • Dual VGA Power Connectors
  • Cable Management Kit (Dr. Cable)
  • All-in-1 Connector Design
  • 3 Year Warranty

Sea Sonic ships everything you would need for an easy installation of their power supply. Included in the box is the user manual, mounting screws, case badge, power cord, Dr. Cable cable management kit, external fan control output cable, and of course the power supply with pre twisted wires, patented easy swap connectors, and a 120mm cyclone cooling fan. The power supply is a nice flat black color which I really like.

The back of the power supply is a nice honey comb design to allow for maximum ventilation and to keep with Sea Sonics’ idea of having a silent product. Unlike most power supplies, these units do not have a switch to go from 115v to 220v; they have Universal Free AC input, which allows the unit to select the voltage on its own. This is a very handy feature to prevent any problems that may be caused by having the switch set wrong.

The S12 comes with pre-twisted wires on all the cables, which allows for better cable control and cooling in the computer. Also, the ATX motherboard connector can be switch from 20-pin to 24-pin depending on the application. Also shown is a serial ATA connector, the dual CPU power connector, and the connector to monitor the units fans through the motherboard.