Nanoxia Case Fans Review


You know the Germans make good stuff

Case fans are the one part of a computer that many people overlook in the midst of such techno-talk as new GPUs, SLI compatibility, and SATA hard drives. I, however, have had a very nasty experience with an overheating computer and I never wish to live through the ordeal again. In comes Nanoxia, a German manufacturer with nothing but the cool side of life on their mind. (Editor: You know the Germans make good stuff… ;)

The three Nanoxia products I reviewed were simply their FX08 80 millimeter fan, their FX09 92 millimeter fan, and finally their FX12 120 millimeter fan. First things first, each fan not only comes with, obviously, the fan itself, but four of their Vibekiller shock absorber bolts, a fan speed controller, and a 10 year warranty. The amount of extras given with the product allow for a much more customized feel to a computer enthusiast, and the warranty insures that you needn’t worry about never having one in your possession.

Features and Specifications

Carefully selected components, an optimized design both in electronics and aerodynamics, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, a matchless quality control and further process optimizations make Nanoxia fans the prime selection both for PC enthusiasts and industrial applications.

One factor that makes Nanoxia fans reach this incredible level of running smoothness and durability is the bearing, made from nanotechnology composite material. The Nanoxia fan bearings were specially developed for industrial application and allow operation even in extreme environments. The construction prevents the intrusion of foreign substances – Nanoxia FX fans perform perfectly even in dusty surroundings or underwater! The bearing needs no additional lubricant, since there is neither abrasion nor contamination in the bearing housing. After fabrication, every single fan gets checked and thoroughly tested.

Nanoxia FX fans guarantee an optimum of quality, which we ensure to our customers in the form of a ten year warranty.

  • 10 years of manufacturer warranty
  • 150,000 h service life
  • Nanotechnology Bearing
  • ECO traction
  • hi-tech material Bayer Makrolon® fans and frame
  • waterproof
List of contents:
1x Nanoxia FX fan
1x Nanoxia FCX fan controller
4x Nanoxia Vibekiller Bolts
Model FX12-1250 FX12-2000 FX09-1400 FX08-3000
Dimensions 120x120x25 120x120x25 92x92x25 80x80x25
Rotation Speed (UPM) 1,250 2,000 1,400 3,000
Airflow (m³/h) 80,52 134,46 43.00 79.52
Airflow (CFM) 47,39 79,14 25.31 45.75
Acoustical Noise (dbA) 17 33 13 27
Static Pressure (mm H²O) 1,53 2,97 1.11 3.21
Input power (W) 12 2,36 0.60 2.76
Voltage Range 4-13 4-13 4-13 4-13
Input Current (A) 0.1 0.28 0.05 0.23
Service Life 150,000 150,000 150,000 150,000
VPE 60 60 60 60