Most Read Articles of the Past Decade

OCMS Most Popular Articles 2002-2012

A Decade of OCMS

Over the past ten years, OCmodshop has covered many different topics.  We delivered how-to articles and guides on how to perform simple mods to your PC hardware, as well as in-depth hardware reviews.  We’ve also brought you reviews on the latest PC video games and walkthroughs on some of the most popular ones.  Once the Xbox 360 came out, we started reviewing console hardware and games, in addition to our normal news and reviews.

It’s really you who decide what we cover next, as we take note of the trends and what articles you read the most.  While we get a lot of traffic from articles about heatsinks, cases, motherboards and other PC hardware, there are just some articles that just shoot past all of the others and really stand out.  Listed here are the most popular OCmodshop articles from the past decade.

Honorable mentions

As we start our countdown, we have to show you some of the unusual articles that received a lot of attention, but just didn’t make the list.

18. Freezepop Interview (link)

Gaming history will fondly remember the few short years that “guitar” games dominated the market.  Many of these games featured the synthpop band named Freezepop.  This band was formed by Kasson Crooker, one of the team members of Harmonix, which produced the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, and as such was able to get his band’s music into these games.

Freezepop Interview 2008

After playing some of these games, I quickly became a fan of this relatively-unknown group, and I was honored to conduct an interview with the three original members while attending PAX 2008.  This interview represents one of my fondest moments while running OCmodshop.

17. How Do Heatpipes Work? (link)

We love to take things apart and see how they work.  Sometimes we even write about what we find out.  Back in 2006, Heat Pipes were starting to become all the rage, as it was one of the most innovative ways to dissipate the heat from newer processors.  Many heatsink makers just use sheer mass to get rid of a lot of heat, and processor makers are making their chips cooler all the time, but the heatpipe has allowed for some rather interesting designs.  This informative article tells you how heatpipes work, the materials they’re made of, and the scientific principles behind them.

16. ECS Elitegroup GeForce 6100PM-M2 v20 Motherboard Review (link)

We’ve published quite a few motherboard articles over the years, but for some reason this one by Don is one of the most read.  It is one of the shortest motherboard reviews we’ve published, and it’s not the most powerful mainboard you can buy.  Perhaps we’ve hit onto something… most people want a good inexpensive board, and that’s what they’re searching for.  Sure, everyone likes to read about the most powerful bit of PC kit that’s out there, but most people aren’t buying them… as an average stroll through any LAN party will tell you.

ECS EliteGroup GeForce 6100

15. Halo 3 is a Go! (link)

This news item was originally published in February of 2006, and has generated a  lot of buzz, partially because it ended up not being true.  This was a news item that came across my desk from a source that I had little reason to question, so it was posted, because hey, it’s Halo for cryin’  out loud!

Well, we don’t know for sure that it WASN’T true, but in all likelihood Bungie is probably taking the extra 2 years to make improvements to the  game.  Several media outlets contacted me and interviewed me about the  validity of this article.

The fake box for Halo 3

I had come across a fanboy-generated DVD cover for the upcoming Halo 3 and posted it along with the article, because there weren’t many H3 screenshots at the time.  This generated a lot of buzz, too, and OCmodshop’s #1 ripped image!  There were many forum threads across the internet to discuss the validity of the image… what gave it away, that there’s a HUGE FREAKIN’ APPLE LOGO ON THE COVER?