Halo 3 is Go For Launch!


An industry insider revealed today that Halo 3 is finished and is at the mastering plant, awaiting the green light. The final artwork has been finished for the disk, booklets and box art.

One of Europe’s largest CD replicators is on standby. They have signed non-disclosure agreements and are waiting on word from Bungie (Halo 3’s development house). The replication company has an appoximate time-frame so they can schedule the work to deliver the high volumes of copies expected to be sold.

It is speculated that Microsoft is waiting to release the Xbox 360’s killer title to coinside with the Playstation 3 launch later this year. Halo 3 will likely be delayed until the spring or possibly later, to strategically achieve maximum marketing impact.

It is likely that Bungie will try to build the hype for Halo 3, adding to the frenzy right before its release. Some of the rumored features of Halo 3 include the following:

  • Dark & gritty storyline
  • online co-op campaign for 2+ players
  • multiplayer bots
  • 50+ players on Xbox Live
  • New editions of Zanzibar, Sidewinder & Hand Em High
  • Map Editor
  • Movie Editor

This information is officially unconfirmed.

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