INEO I-NA305J JBOD Hard Drive Enclosure Review



iNEO has introduced their I-NA305J Dual Bay JBOD Storage System for SATA Hard Disk Drives.  This hard drive enclosure has these useful features:

  • Aluminum Alloy Casing with a powerful adjustable fan.
  • Front Blue LCD Panel that indicates power and hard disk drive access activity.
  • USB 2.0 Transfer Rates.
  • Supports SATA I and SATA II Drives up to 1TB Each.
  • Plug and Play with Hot Swappable Drive Bays
  • Lock to secure drives bays and Lock Hole to secure the enclosure to the desk.
  • One Touch Backup Button

With Digital Convergence finally becoming a reality, the first thing we’re all starting to notice is that we NEED more storage.    USB Hard Drive Enclosures have been helping fill this void as it’s an easy way to quickly expand the available storage on your computer.  By using an extra drive, or purchasing a new one, you can quickly put this into the iNEO Enclosure to add more space to your PC.

A Walk Around the Unit

The front panel provides you quick status of if the drive is powered up along with hard drive activity leds.  On the back of the unit, your find the power switch and the fan speed selector switch.  Assuming you do not use your drive a lot, you can probably leave this off, but if you feel that your drives are getting too hot, you can choose the Low or High Fan speeds.  iNEO has also included a Lock Hole so you could secure this enclosure to your desk if you were in a high theft risk area.  (College, Work Places, Library, Mall, Etc.)

Screwless Design!

The iNEO Drive Enclosure is a cleverly designed tool-less unit.  This makes it really easy to quickly add and remove drives from the enclosure.  The enclosure is also designed to accept either 1 or 2 drives.  With one 1 inserted, it essential acts as any other simple hard drive enclosure and pass the drive onto the OS.  When 2 drives are inserted into the enclosure, the controller in the enclosure will combines the drives into JBOD mode and pass along 1 larger combined drive to the OS.  (See the JBOD section for more details.)