Inateck MP1300 Laptop Bag Review

MP1300 On a Desk

The reason you bought a small and light laptop is for its portability.  Many students find themselves shoving their Macbook Air into a backpack, but this could lead to scratches and other damage.  You need to protect your small laptop in a good bag, like the Inateck MP1300 laptop bag.

Inateck designed this bag with the 13-inch Macbook Pro and 11-inch Macbook Air in mind; but it works just as well with a small Ultrabook or Netbook.

A Closer Look

The case is made entirely of grey felt material, which feels rather soft.  The felt not only helps prevent scratches, but can even clean smudges and fingerprints.

The outside of the bag is very simple.  The front has a Velcro flap with a brown synthetic leather grip.  The back of the bag has two sewn pockets that is suitable for a phone and cables.  The pockets are lined with a soft fabric.  There is a simple “inateck” tag sewn on the right bottom side of the bag.

  MP1300 and Accessory Bag inateck tag

The openings of the outside pockets are cut, and not sewn, which means that if you try to stuff it then the opening could rip.  The stitching looks to be of good quality, and we didn’t notice any incomplete seams or orphaned threads.

Macbook Fits Nice 04

When the velcro flap is opened, you can see large pockets; both of which are lined with the same soft material.  The larger pocket is of course most suited to holding your Macbook or laptop, and the smaller pocket can hold papers or even a large tablet.

Brown Leather Grip Inside Velcro

The bag can become a little thick if you actually stuff every pocket with everything you can.  We used a 10-inch Acer netbook, which made the bag a comfortable thickness.  Those with a Macbook Air will find this bag being much thinner.

Accessory bag

Also included with this kit is a small accessory bag that is about the size of an average cell phone.  The flap is held shut with a bungee cord that can be wrapped around the entire bag.  The cord will distort the bag a little when it’s wrapped.

Acer and Phone in Bags Accessory Bag

This smaller accessory bag can hold thicker things, and is more suited for an AC adapter or thin mouse.  Unfortunately the accessory bag does not connect to the main bag.  Putting this bag inside of the larger bag’s pockets would certainly pull and rip the corners.


The bag looks and feels nice, but its material is the exact opposite of waterproof.  If you get caught in the rain without protection then this bag could in fact soak up water.  We touched the bag to some running water, and the bag soaked the H2O like a sponge.  Thankfully, most of the water came out with a quick wringing.

MP1300 on Desk 2 iPhone and earbuds in Pockets

Overall I like this bag.  It comes in at a nice price (currently $16 at Amazon), and is an attractive way to tote your laptop or tablet around between classes or meetings.

The Inateck MP1300 laptop bag works best as a “satellite” system; meaning to house the bag in a larger backpack and pull it out when necessary.  If you need to carry lots of accessories such as power adapters and full-sized mice, then you’ll either need to keep your backpack with you or look into a full-sized laptop case.

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