Fush Zero Case Project – Part 1


Vision, Design

If you had told me back when I started building custom computers that any of my handiwork would be graced comments such as, inspiring a modding culture, or, truly beautiful. I would have laughed. It was just 8 months ago that comments such as these graced my ears as I undertook the construction of a new project.

The vision for this project was simple; to create a one of a kind overclocking platform in which style, function and high performance could all take the stage. No compromises. I have always thought, what’s a computer if it has all show and no go, or vice versa? It is either a gleaming money pit or an overbearing brute which hurts everyone to look at.

A Blank Canvas
You can think of those of us who modify cases as a brand of utilitarian pop artists. We change and shape our cases into forms which express our own sense of style and individual attitudes. What we feel is cool, attractive or interesting will normally find its way onto our blank canvases. It’s no different with this project, I had to start with a blank canvas and Lian Li was my art store. I chose a variant of an ever popular Lian Li case, the PC-6085.

Lian Li PC6085

Courtesy – www.Lian-Li.com, Stock Photo.

This case has clean lines, good airflow and solid aluminum construction. In addition the front has blue light strips which set this apart from the sister Lian Li PC-60’s. Overall,it just begs for some improvements.

Aspects of Design
To fully realize my vision for a unique, stylish, high performance overclocking machine, I set several requirements. The computer had to have:

  • A cutting edge cooling system.
  • Moderate to low noise levels.
  • Eye-catching exterior.
  • Interesting interior.
  • An ability to easily swap components.

All of these requirements played a part when designing and selecting each and every bolt, cut, part and piece. In any successful project, there is tons of behind the scenes planning that goes on, and believe me I planned my butt off.