Evercool TG-XB1 Xfan 360 Review


The 360 needs extra cooling

The Xbox 360 is arguably the hottest-running console ever created, and as such has been subject to shutdown and overheating problems. I have replaced two consoles myself, due to damage caused by overheating. Fortunately there are a few aftermarket solutions to help cool your Xbox 360, and each offers several advantages and disadvantes, which will be discussed in this article.

Evercool’s entry into post-market Xbox 360 cooling is their TG-XB1 external cooler, named the “Xfan 360”. This cooler is an external unit that attaches directly to the console’s plastic rear exhaust grill.

A closer cook
The Xfan 360 consists of two clear multi-bladed LED 60mm fans contained in a white plastic domed housing. The fans have 4 greeen LEDs each, which provide a bright glow from the rear of your Xbox 360. The fans and LEDs are powered by a USB plug, which is only long enough to reach the single USB port on the back of the console. The USB cable is a very thin and flat wire, and looks like it could be easily broken if pulled too hard.

The Xfan 360 is an external unit that clips onto the Xbox 360’s rear exhaust grill. Because it merely assists the exhaust, cooling is still performed using “negative case pressure”, which means that fresh air is drawn into the case from the simple vaccuum the exhaust creates.

One “feature” (or design flaw, depending on how you look at it) of the Xfan is that it remains on when the host console is powered off. The Xfan will continue to cool your console, bringing the internal temperature of the console down gradually. Because of this, the CPU and video chipset don’t experience the thermal buildup spike experienced when the power is suddenly cut. The disadvanage to having all this airflow going on is the additional dust that will accumulate inside the console, potentially hindering natural cooling. Also, having the fans on all the time will significatnly bite into the fans’ lifespan (or MTBF). Evercool suggests that you unplug the fan when not in use, but they do not provide an off switch, so you must fidget around the back of the console and unplug the USB cable.

Below is Evercool’s description of the Xfan 360. Some of the best examples of “Engrish” I have seen in a long time.

  • The high performance cooling kit for X-BOX 360 only by using strongly fan. It can get heat-disappeating effectively and adjust the temperature of main unit to avoid the shut down situation.
  • USB interface. Easy installation.
  • Rounding arc design can connect with X-BOX 360 closely to get integration.
  • Using Green light with more shiny working environment.
Total Dimension 150 x 70 x 38mm
Fan Dimension 60 x 60 x 10 mm x 2
Rated Voltage 5VDC(USB)
Base Material Plastic
Speed 3500 ±10%RPM
Noise Level <25 dBA
Bearing Type Ever Lubricate Long Life Bearing
Weight 100 g
Caution : The USB power cable will keeping provide the electric power no matter the power is turn off condition. We suggest to take out the power suppler of main unit or TG-XB1 when shut down the unit.