Danger Den nVidia Watercooling Kit and MAG II LE Pump



As our faithful readers might know we have a small history to reviewing DangerDen products (henceforth referred to as “DD”), and OCMS is proud to review yet another piece of fine craftsmanship in watercooling: the first NVIDIA-recommended watercooling kit in the world! Yes, that’s right! DD got the NVIDIA recommended seal, making it the first ever watercooling company to be honored.

As displayed on the website.
The very first watercooling kit to ever be “Recommended by NVIDIA® for use with NVIDIA nForce® motherboards.” This is an official kit of NVIDIA and their commitment to the enthusiast market. As this program matures you will see new Danger Den Kits, Technology, Options, and Performance with the nForce brand of motherboards and other NVIDIA Products!

When I got the package I immediately noticed the quality just by its cover, when opening the box that again shows in the way DD packed everything (even without protective padding) I’d recon this package could take some beating. DD used their top-of-the-line products to fill this kit, which contains the following:

  • TDX Universal Block – Fits most* motherboards on the market including the NEW AMD AM2 boards. Feature a Shiny Black Powder Coat finish!
  • Danger Den D5 Laing Pump
  • Single 5 1/4 Bay reservoir with a smoke gray front face
  • 1/2″ ID Tygon Tubing
  • Black Ice Xtreme Radiator
  • MCT Non-Conductive Coolant
  • Sunon 120mm Fan
  • Miscellaneous Hardware

As you might recall, we reviewed the TDX block itself a while back.

Basically this is the same block but with a universal top, so it’s mountable on most available motherboards, including older socket A boards. The miscellaneous hardware is the nylon washers, bolts, nuts, springs, hose clamps and some Arctic Silver Céramique.