Corsair K95 Broken LED News


We still have a bunch of news to get going.  I am typing away on a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX blue switches, and I think I’ll just type anything just so I can hear that amazing sound of ping-pong balls echoing down an abandoned staircase.  In case you didn’t know, that’s what a mechanical keyboard sounds like.

The keyboards that use Cherry MX Red switches are a bit quieter, but how can you annoy your co-workers with that?

Since some of the lights on my Corsair K95 keyboard went out (more on that in an upcoming review), I was thinking about replacing some of the white LEDs with some other color to make the keyboard more customized.  I could do the WASD keys or just the Function keys or numpad some other color.  I was thinking red, blue, green, or even purple.  I know that Corsair is coming out with a new K95 that supports  RGB per each key and supports animated light shows and stuff, and like a sucker I will probably fall for this, too.  I also hear that the LEDs are mounted inside a clear switch, so the whole “LED burning out due to electrostatic discharge” issue will be gone.

I just hope the new Corsair K95 is available with Brown switches.  For me, that’s the sweet spot of keyboards: a good tactile bump (so you know when you’ve actually pressed at key) without the extremely loud sound of the Blue switches.

I haven’t yet found the “perfect” mechanical keyboard that didn’t give me a bunch of headaches.  I’ve even spent a lot of money on ones that are supposed to last a lifetime.

Oh, you don’t want to read about my keyboard woes?  Well, fine.  Here’s some freakin’ news, you ungrateful bastard.

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