Cooler Master Elite 310 Case Review

Cooler Master Elite 310 case in black

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  • Cooler Master Elite 310 Case
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  • Last modified: September 12, 2014

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While you wouldn't catch me carting it around to the next LAN party, you'd probably see at least one of my computers housed in it; if I had a thing for pink, that is.

I’ll say it like it is, The Cooler Master Elite 310 is not the case you’re going to be selecting for your next powerful gaming rig. However, it still a solid case that would be suitable for a budget build or if you’re going for something less flashy. The one we received was the model with the white chassis and the pink front plate. So this model may be a great one to go with if you’re looking for something for the lady in your life, or the guys who enjoy the color pink (you know who you are). Still, it should be noted that the case is also available in black, and has a fairly diverse selection of front plate coloring options. So fear not, pink is not your only choice!

Cooler Master Elite 310 case in blackTaking a look under the hood reveals that the Cooler Master Elite 310 is equipped with slots for up to four 5 1/4 inch devices, two external facing 3.5″ devices, and up to five internally mounted hard drives. It’ll fit your standard sized ATX motherboards and features the top-mounted PSU design which is common with most mid-tower cases. Included with the case is one 120mm exhaust fan, though there are mounting points for an additional intake fan of the same size at the front of the case, as well as one on the side. There really aren’t many frills here and the internal design seems purely functional.