Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster


This guide is intended both for those who are playing through for the first time on lower difficulties as well as players specifically on Veteran difficulty. Due to this there is probably more detail about cover and strategy than in more generalized guides which should help players struggling with lower difficulty run-throughs and give tips and advice to players on Veteran.

Difficulty of the game:

Veteran mode in this game is a joke… really. The difficulty level of veteran mode in this game is reduced by many factors but the most common ones are – Ammo refill crates (meaning you will never be down to your last clip, desperately hoping to scavenge a half decent gun). Future scopes – These light up enemy soldiers like Christmas trees meaning most of the time they barely see you before you put them in the ground. Lastly – Lack of timed sections – I am glad these aren’t there anymore but they definitely make veteran mode far easier in their absence.

Grenade spamming is also far less common and there are no infinite spawns here so there should be very little frustration involved in comparison to earlier CoD campaigns. Especially if you take the access kit perk.

The access kit perk and story choices:

Black Ops two has two major new changes – The access kit. Which is essentially a glorified shortcut device and decisions to make that affect the outcome of the story. This isn’t the typical karma based decision of either A or B at the end. No sir. This one has choices at several key points which determine how the conflict develops and if some key characters live or die. If you are achievement hunting you will have to play through sections several times just to make the set of choices that unlock them. I will highlight decisions of this nature in the guide and list detailed info on how to unlock these story achievements in the achievements section. If you want your campaign to be a lot easier, use the Access Kit. Please. It will save you hours of frustration.


Please email me at or message me at (gamer tag = Bahumaut) with any comments or suggestions, alternate strategies or tips. With all that out of the way, lets get our boots wet in CoD Black Ops II.