Assassin’s Creed III Walkthrough

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Note: At present I consider the guide pretty much complete. It contains a full walkthrough for all of the Desmond missions and the 12 Animus sequences, completing all optional tasks for full 100% sync on each mission.

It also features completed side-mission guides for the complete liberation of New York and Boston as well as walkthroughs for the four club factions in the game: The Frontiersmen, The Hunter’s Society, Boston Brawlers and the Thief’s Club along with the set challeneges for each and tips on how to complete them all. It also contains a complete guide to the 37 Homestead missions, naval missions, privateer missions, Peg Leg missions and for the miscellaneous assassination, courier and delivery side-quests.

Additionally, the guide now features a complete animal locations guide, Peg Leg trinket locations guide, a chest locations guide, an alamanac locations guide, a feather locations guide, fort liberation guide, underground puzzles guide and a trophy/achievement guide.

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Welcome to my walkthrough for Ubisoft’s latest epic action adventure title Assassin’s Creed III. This guide will help you play through this game from start to finish, completing all of the missions whilst fulfilling all of those pesky mission parameters and optional objectives required for 100% synchronisation.

A complete list of each side-mission, every type of collectible and their locations as well as a complete side-quest and achievement/trophy guide can also be located in the relevant spots below the walkthrough in the guide below.