Zotac Z68-ITX Wifi Review


After five years in the market, ZOTAC has set itself apart from others in the industry, slowly building itself up as THE company to go to for mini-ITX motherboards and mini-PC kit, with the “AMP!” series of videocards making their presence felt in that segment of the market as well. With the Intel Z68 chipset launch well under way, ZOTAC sent us their take on the Intel Z68 in mini-ITX format, the Z68-ITX WiFi, one of two Z68-based mini-ITX motherboards from ZOTAC that will hit store shelves very soon. The two are differentiated by expansion possibilities, with the “Supreme” version using laptop-part expansion slots and a laptop-grade GPU onboard, while the “Standard” version, the product we are looking at today, uses standard desktop parts. We put the Z68-ITX WiFi on the testbench, and give the miniscule Z68-ITX WiFi a run for its money.

In the middle of May Intel launched its new “mainstream-enthusiast” product line, based on the Z68 Express chipset. With the P67 and H67 chipsets launched just a few months before, the Z68 takes the best features of both, and combines them together to offer extreme flexibility and several key features. The first, and most obvious of these features is the ability to use not only discrete graphics cards, but also allows use of the Sandy Bridge integrated GPU, at the same time. The majority of other chipsets that offered integrated graphics only allow use of one or the other, but the Z68 chipset has none of these limitations. In fact, through the use of third-party software, you can even use just one monitor, and both the Intel HD2000 integrated GPU and a discrete graphics card can work together, combining the features of both solutions into one big all-in-one solution.

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