Zelda: Twilight Princess Review (Wii)


The legend is reborn!

Ah Link, the titular hero from oh so many Nintendo hits. He’s carried a torch for the Princess Zelda almost as long as Mario has for Peach. But what’s this? We find our hero living a peasants existance at the begining of the game. He lives in a tree house, and helps tend the towns cattle. He is friend to all the residents of this sleepy little nook and nary a ill thought is sent his way.

In fact, you could think of him as sort of a Mr. Fixit in the begining of the game. Helping the residents rescue missing cats, knock a bee’s nest out of a tree and recover a child’s basinet that has floated down stream. Yup, life is good to our friend Link, in fact he is such a trusted member of the community that the Mayor has asked that he take an item to the king on behalf of the town.

But then a situation arises, several of the town’s children thinking they were braver then they actually were took off chasing some of the monkeys that have been causing all sorts of mischief. All but one of them has returned. Who shall rescue this child? Who indeed, because when it comes to righting the wrongs of the world, our man Link stands towards the top of heroic deeds mountain. And let’s just say kidnapping a child would fall into the realm of all bad deeds must be punished. So off he rides in true hero fashion and so begins what is arguably the greatest Zelda game ever made.

Don’t believe me? Well, first off this game is so great that it is literally worth the price of the Wii itself ($249.99) and second, this game is officially one of the highest ranking games of all time on all systems with an average reviewer score of 96 out of 100.

Hmmmppff you say? Balderdash you utter? Shenanigans you guffaw? It’s a Zelda game for pete’s sake, there is no way that this title or this machine can hang with the big boys.

Then you, my friend are in for a really big surprise.