Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Review



Zelda keeps getting better and better…

As I’ve grown older, so have Link and Zelda. It has been fun to watch Link’s progression from his first adventures in Hyrule on the NES to the masterpiece Ocarina of Time to the latest Twilight Princess. Now, the tried, true, and well-loved Legend of Zelda series has bestowed a new entry to our DS collections, and never has a new title been this appreciated.

Phantom Hourglass is the sequel to the hit-and-miss Gamecube title “Windwaker”. If you didn’t get around to playing Windwaker because you hated Gamecube or were disgusted at Link’s child-like characteristics, there is a catch up story at the beginning to bring you to the present. However, if you thought the graphics for Windwaker were lame, get over it and quit being a sissy because this entry is worth it. Dust off your DS and put away your Pokemon and gazillion “take-care-of-a-pet-‘cause-my-mom-won’t-buy-me-one” games… it is about time for a fun, well-made adventure game.

It is safe to say that although rated E, Phantom Hourglass is probably not geared towards little kids. And damn am I tired of being babied by my DS games. More on that in a bit, but let’s play story catch-up (for those who haven’t played Windwaker: PLOT SPOILERS!).

During Windwaker, Link meets a ferocious spunky girl pirate named Tetra. He goes off on an adventure with her to many lands. They discover an ancient sea temple paying homage to the forgotten and mythical land of Hyrule. Inside, Tetra is transformed to her real identity: Princess Zelda. Zelda is immediately snatched by (who other) Ganon, and Link must save her. After the sweetest blow to the head ever depicted in a Zelda game, Link and Princess Zelda safely escape from Ganon and resume their swash-buckling adventures.