Zelda is one of my favorite games

I love Zelda. Hands down, Zelda is one of my favorite games. But WHY are all of the Zelda’s alike!?!?!?! I get that Hyrule is the land in which Link and Zelda live, but if the game is going to be exactly the same in every other respect, why can’t the map be the same too? Why not just make it the same!? I don’t get it. Not really any new weapons, not an especially new story line, no really new attacks…. and why aren’t the dungeons mixed up a little? Forest, Goron, Zora. Same as before!

I admit I’ll still play every delicious frame of Zelda, but I wish it provided me with a less stale flavor. Who’s with me!?
I think that in the long run, the Wii will need to be updated before the PS3 and Xbox 360, as both have more powerful graphic and gaming engines than the Wii does.
I’m not saying the Wii doesn’t look great, but how sweet would Zelda have been if they had actually used next-gen graphics? Like… Gears of War graphics for Zelda? That would’ve been sweet.
I do think that the ideas brought with the Wii have great lasting potential, but I just don’t want to have to upgrade my system.
Personally, I purchased an Xbox 360 in June and then my Wii in November. I would buy a PS3 just to have it, but it is WAYYY too much money. $600 is 2/3 of my mortgage payment. Not to mention I’d need the HDMI cables, extra controllers, games, and extra floofy stuff. My Wii altogether has probably cost me around $350.
I think the PS3 will be great next year when it finally has some decent games available for it.
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