Zalman ZM-RS6F USB Theater 6 Headphones Review



I would say that the headphones are much better than most of the crap that comes free with your notebook or iPod, but for the price, there are better headphones available.If I have one positive thing to say about this headset, I would admit that it was both easy to use and easy to install. Installation is as quick as just plugging it in and following directions, and if you can bring both hands up to your face and operate a volume up/down switch, you are good to go.

Overall, the Zalman ZM-RS6F USB Headphones are good, but not great. Vanilla, but not with sprinkles and chocolate sauce. Get my drift? I like them, but for the price there are much better headphones out there that aren’t as massive and uncomfortable.

REPORT CARD : Zalman ZM-RS6F USB Theater Surround Headphones
category rating comments
Quality 3 Plastic, leather, and fake valvel (plelvet?).  Good sound card.
Innovation 3 Erm, headphones?  Good sound? Together?  Boring as PB&J
Performance 3 Nothing to really get excited over.  The audio sound is better than average, but is still lacking.
Installation 5 So easy, a half-decaptated Britney Spears could do it.
Value 3 Expensive, and others do it better for less.
FINAL VERDICT: 3 out of 5 stars
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