Zalman ZM-NC1500 Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler Review



Notebook computer pack an awful lot of electronics into a small space.  As notebooks get more powerful, so does their heat output, and people who use their notebooks as a “desktop replacement” feel all of that power on their legs (please no dirty jokes).  “Gaming-worthy” notebooks have more heat issues than an office-class laptop. The heat has to get out somehow, and manufacturers usually have very dinky (and loud) fans positioned in odd places of their notebooks to help dispell this heat.

These small  vents and fans really do no good on carpets or beds.  My wife loves to bring her laptop into bed to watch movies and play Facebook games, but the down comforter really clogs up all the air holes, which make for one unhappy and overheated computer.

Zalman has unleashed their latest notebook cooler to help alleviate our pain, dubbed the ZM-NC1500 Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler.  Like many of the other notebook coolers we’ve reviewed over the years, this one elevates the notebook from your work surface, offers additional ventilation and airflow.  This edition not only comes with extra fans, but an extra USB port, as well.  It is also large enough to accomodate today’s large 17″ laptops.

  • Premium high quality 2mm thick aluminum treated with S.A. Surface Processing.
    * S.A. (Sand Blasting, Anodizing)
  • Sleek design incorporating a high quality 2mm thick aluminum panel with a fine curvature and great cooling performance.
  • Silicon “shoes” on feet to prevent slippage and provide cooler stability.   The Rubber Grip Strip prevents the notebook from sliding.
  • Two-body design that melds comforting simplicity with superior cooling function.   Ergonomically designed to minimize user fatigue.
  • Two centrifugal fans for consistent high air pressure and fast cooling performance.   724high capacity vent holes evenly distribute the flow of cold air to cool the entire notebook.
  • Optimized ventilation structure and aerodynamic design provide excellent performance even during low noise level operation.   Cools the notebook allowing its internal fan to operate quietly at low RPM, making it ideal for quiet environments such as libraries and offices.
  • Powered by the notebook’s USB port, eliminating the need for a separate power adaptor. The cooler includes one available USB port, which can be used for indirectly connecting a USB device to the notebook computer.

Zalman ZM-NC1500 Specifications

Dimensions 345(L) x 299(W) x 52(H) mm
Weight 789g
Base Material pure AL, ABS, nylon, rubber synthetic, silicon
Noise 18.0 – 23.5 dBA ± 10 %
Input Voltage 5V(USB powered)
Coloer Black
Type Centrifugal Fan
Units 2 units
Bearing Type Hypro sleeve
RPM 1,100 – 1,500rpm ± 10 %