Zalman VF 1000 LED VGA Heatsink Review


Heatpipes, Al & Cu, oh my!

The power of PC video cards has grown beyond the processors that host them. Today’s graphics processors have more transistors than even the most powerful dual-core CPU, which translates into alot of heat production. Even when the GPU is idle, it can generate massive amouts of thermal waste that must be disposed of via heatsink.

Since today’s graphics processors are the hottest ever, we are seeing heavier and more robust stock coolers to accompany them. While these stock coolers are much better than the previous generations, they are still only barely adequate to deal with the new level of thermal production. The current GPU king: nVidia’s 8800 line of chips, generate some serious heat and need an equally serious cooling method.

Zalman has released two sister products to augment each other when cooling your 8800 video card. Zalman’s VF-1000 LED is a pure copper cooler that can be used on nearly any video card made within the past 5 years. The components on nVidia’s 8800 need some additional cooling, so this cooler is meant to work with the ZM-RHS88 ramsink kit. When combined together (a la Voltron), these two products augment each other to cool even the powerful 8800 GTX video card.

Zalman VF-1000 LED Specifications
Dimensions 160(L) X 80(W) X 30(H) mm
Weight 380g
Materials Dissipation Fins : Pure Copper
Base : Pure Copper, Heatpipe : Pure Copper
Dimensions 80(L) x 80(W) x 15(H) mm
Bearing Type 2 Ball-Bearing
Speed (using FAN MATE 2) Silent Mode 1,400rpm +/-10% Normal Mode 2,500rpm +/-10%
Noise Level (using FAN MATE 2) Silent Mode 18dBA +/-10% Normal Mode 28dBA +/-10%

Zalman VF-1000 LED Features

  1. The product is equipped with Zalman’s patented VFP (Variable Fin Profile) technology. Fan installed inside the heatsink maximizes the cooling efficiency and the product¡¯s maximized dissipation surface area provides excellent performance.
  2. Use of four high performance heatpipes maximizes heat transfer.
  3. Pure copper thin fins (0.3mm) for excellent cooling performance.
  4. Cools not only the VGA chipset and VGA RAM, but all other VGA components as well.
  5. 80mm Slim LED Fan for excellent performance and great aesthetics.
  6. Newly improved installation structure provides easy installation and broad compatibility.
  7. Adjustable fan speed controller(FAN MATE 2) enables control of noise and fan speed.
  8. Does not generate noise or vibration in Silent Mode.


1) One (1) VGA Cooler
2) Eight (8) RAM Heatsinks
3) Four (4) Nipples
4) Four (4) Fixing Nuts
5) Four (4) Fixing Nuts for SLI/CrossFire
6) One (1) PVC Washer Plate
7) Four (4) Rubber Rings
8) Four (4) Springs
9) One (1) Thermal Grease
10) One (1) Fan Controller (FAN MATE 2)
11) One (1) Cable for FAN MATE 2
12) One (1) Double-Sided Tape (to attach FAN MATE 2)
13) One (1) User’s Manual

Zalman ZM-RHS88 Ramsink Specifications
Dimensions 190(L) X 98(W) X 11(H) mm
Weight 80g
Materials Aluminum

Zalman ZM-RHS88 Ramsink Features

  1. Die cast heatsink fin design maximizes the surface area for superior cooling performance.
  2. Made with aluminum for minimized weight and effective cooling.
  3. Noiseless and Durable.
  4. All-in-one multi-component cooling solution for RAM, FET and I/O chipset.
  5. High performance thermal tapes included for easy installation.
1) One (1) RAM Heatsink
2) One (1) FET Heatsink A-For 8800 Ultra/GTX
3) One (1) FET Heatsink B-For 8800 GTS
4) Four (4) Nipples for 8800 Series
5) Five (5) Fixing Nuts
6) Five (5) Fixing Nuts for SLI/CrossFire
7) Three (3) Fixing Bolts
8) Five (5) Springs
9) One (1) PVC Washer Plate
10) One (1) Thermal Grease
11) Four (4) Rubber Rings
12) One (1) User’s Manual