Zalman CNPS 6000 Cu Heatsink



Zalman is a somewhat new company to the world of heatsinks, they have been selling heatsinks for about a year now. Zalman just opened their first US office which is located in Orange County, CA. They were kind enough to invite me down for the grand opening and give me some things.

Zalman is a company which strives to provide high quality products which are quiet. Zalman heatsinks very unique in their design to say the least. Because of the many fins which are spread out there is a lot of surface area for the heat to be dissipated. CNPS (Computer Noise Prevention System) is a system that cuts traditional computer system’s noise of 30dB or higher to 20dB or lower, which is below what a normal user can usually notice.

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The box of this Zalman CNPS6000-Cu is pretty large, only because you get so much and the heatsink is no small deal. You can also see that everything is packed very professionally.

Taking a look at the heatsink, as you can see the Zalman CNPS 6000-Cu heatsink is very unique looking which I mentioned before. It looks like an open flower which is made up of many copper fins.

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The heatsink is basically made by taking all of the fins and compressing them at the base which forms the copper strip. The copper strip is the fins of the heatsink. Not only is it a very good concept but the base is finished very well.

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When you purchase this heatsink you get a lot of things with it. Along with the heatsink you get a fan bracket which holds a 92mm fan. You also get a fan speed controller, this unit is basically a 6w rheostat. The fan controller gives you the option of having the 92mm fan running at different speeds.

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Below are the specs of the 92mm fan which is included with the Zalman CNPS6000-Cu. The table below shows silent mode and normal mode, silent mode is when the fan controller is at the lowest setting and the normal mode is when the fan is at the highest speed. At silent mode you will only be getting 20 dB which is hardly noticeable by the human ear. Even when running at normal mode it is only 36 dB which is not very loud.

Silent Mode
Normal Mode
92(L) X 92(H) X 25(W)
Weight (g)
Rot. Speed
1600 RPM +- 10%
2800 RPM +- 10%
Noise Level (dB)
Bearing Type

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You would think that that’s all that you would get, nope, there’s more. You also get a manual which describes in good detail how to install the heatsink. In additional to all of this you also get 2 clips incase you lose or break one, you get thermal compound, a clip installation tool, and screws which you need to install the bracket. I really like the fact that you get extra screws and extra clip, I am always loosing pieces to things.