Zalman CNPS6000 AlCu Heatsink Review



I took a look a the Zalman CNPS6000-Cu heatsink back in April, now we take a look at its little brother, the CNPS6000-AlCu. The only thing that is different between the 6000Cu and 6000AlCu is the fact that the 6000Cu is made completely of copper while the AlCu is made of copper and aluminum.  There are 2 models of the same heatsink offered because the 6000AlCu is lighter and less exspensive than the 6000Cu.

Zalman is a company which is dedicated to providing quiet solutions for computers because we all know that they can get pretty loud. CNPS stands for Computer Noise Prevention System and is a system that cuts traditional computer system’s noise of 30dB or higher to 20dB or lower. The AlCu supports all AMD Athlon, Duron, and Athlon XP, and Throughbreads up to 2000+. The 6000Alcu is also compatible with all Intel Pentium III, and VIA C3 CPUs.

The box of this Zalman CNPS6000-AlCu is pretty large, only because you get so much and the heatsink is no small deal. You can also see that everything is packed very professionally. Everything looks just the same as the 6000Cu except for the silver color in the box because of the aluminum.

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The Zalman CNPS 6000 AlCu is the same exact design as its brother the CNPS6000Cu except for the fact that only the middle of the heatsink has copper fins while the 6000Cu is made of all copper fins.

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These heatsinks are designed so that all of the fins are taken and compressed together to form this shape and design. The copper strip in the middle of the heatsink is the fins on the top of it and the aluminum on both sides of the copper is the aluminum fins that are above as well.

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The heatsink does not have a conventional design and there is no fan mounted directly onto the heatsink. Instead you get a fan bracket which holds a 92mm fan, which is screwed into the expansion slots where your AGP and PCI cards are. Because Zalman heatsinks are designed to perform well and be quiet at the same time they provide you with a fan speed controller. This unit is basically a 6w rheostat, which gives you the option of having the 92mm fan run at different speeds so what when you are using your computer heavily you can turn it up and when you are sleeping for example you can turn it down.

Below are the specs of the 92mm fan which is included with the Zalman CNPS6000-AlCu. The table below shows silent mode and normal mode, silent mode is when the fan controller is at the lowest setting and the normal mode is when the fan is at the highest speed. At silent mode you will only be getting 20 dB which is hardly noticeable by the human ear. Even when running at normal mode it is only 33 dB which is not very loud.

Silent Mode
Normal Mode
92(L) X 92(H) X 25(W)
Weight (g)
Rot. Speed
1600 RPM +- 10%
2500 RPM +- 10%
Noise Level (dB)
Bearing Type

The heatsink comes with a small manual which describes in good detail how to install the heatsink. In addition you also get 2 clips incase you lose or break one, thermal compound, a clip installation tool, and screws which you need to install the bracket. I really like the fact that you get extra screws and extra clip, I am always loosing pieces to things.