Zalman CNPS 9700 NT CPU Heatsink


A closer look

This shiny piece of metal is like marvelling Michelangello’s David, the Eiffel Tower, or the Giza Pyramids… it is very awe inspiring (and almost as big) from it’s perfectly machined fins to it’s flawless Nickel finish. That’s right… not only is this thing pure copper, but it has been plated with nickel to prevent corrosion and give it an awe-inspiring chrome-like finish.

The bottom of the heatsink is perfectly machined to a flawlessly smooth mirror-like shine, which will certainly make perfect contact with your CPU of choice. Three solid heatpipes are soldered onto this copper base and snake through the copper fins, which have been fanned out forming a circular pattern. The fins are soldered to the heatpipes, so the fins are perfectly spaced and cannot be bent, an improvement over previous CNPS models.

Because the fins are perfectly spaced, dust does not accumulate as easily, either. The fins of previous CNPS heatsinks came together to form the actual copper block, which meant the space between fins became narrower near the base, which trapped dust most effectively. The dust was a pain to remove as well, and could not be blown away with a can of compressed air. But I digress… the new 9700 does not trap dust like the previous models.

The fan is one of the largest yet: 110mm of air-blowing goodness. The LEDs are included in the base of the fan, and are some of the brightest I’ve seen, and they light up the fan blades as if they were a solid color. The fan is not mounted directly to the heatsink itself (as in prior CNPS products), but is held in place with a lever, so it hovers over the concave opening of the sink.

Included in the CNPS9700 NT Box:
General Components 1) One (1) CNPS9700 NT
2) One (1) Thermal Grease (ZM-STG1)
3) One (1) User’s Manual
Components for AMD Sockets AM2/754/939/940 4) One (1) Clip for AMD Sockets
5) One (1) Clip Lever for AMD Sockets
Components for Intel Socket 775 6) One (1) Clip (S-Type)
7) Four (4) Bolts (for installing the cooler)
8) Four (4) Clip Support Fixing Bolts for Socket 775
9) One (1) Clip Support for Socket 775
10) One (1) Backplate for Socket 775