Zalman 300A-APF PSU Review



Today I look at yet another Zalman product, the Zalman 300A-APF power supply. Zalman is of course dedicated to quiet cooling so a lot of their products try to provide the best cooling at the lowest noise level which I really like. By implementing heat-sensor circuitry that controls the cooling fan’s speed (rpm) in relation to the temperature within the power supply, emanating noise has been greatly reduced. This power supply has a lot of features which are listed below and which I will take a look at more in depth as I go along

  • Simplifying Source Input – Free Voltage
    Unlike products with Passive PFC, where you have to set the operating voltage (115VAC / 230VAC) with a manual switch, this product can be used with any normal AC input source ranging from 100VAC to 240VAC.
  • Certified with Safety Approval EMC Standards – UL, C-UL, CE, TUV, CB-NEMKO, FCC
  • Improving Power Factor & Eliminating Harmonics through Active PFC
    By implementing Active PFC, the power factor (PF) is improved from 75% (Passive PFC) to 94% (at full load), while harmful harmonic frequencies are reduced below regulatory requirements.
  • Supplies Stable Power to Intel Pentium 4
    By including a ATX12V 2×2 (4-pin) 12V power connector and an auxiliary 5-pin power connector, this product can provide stable power to Intel Pentium 4 CPUs, which need 6A of current from each power rail.
  • High Efficiency Power Supply
    Designed with a high switching frequency and low power-loss circuitry, the efficiency of this product exceeds 75% (at full load).
  • Strict DC Voltage Regulation & Low Output Ripple / Noise

The box of the Zalman ZM300A-APF is pretty basic just like the rest of their products. Not really much to comment on, one side has some technical info and their logo is on the top. Zalman has never been big on fancy packaging, which is not a big issue. It would however be nice to see some more design work put into their stuff to make it look cooler.

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I opened up the box and took everything out. Along with the power supply you get a power cord, manual, and a ZM-MC1 which is Zalman’s multi connector. The power supply has seven 4-pin Molex, 4 FDD, one motherboard, one auxiliary, and one 12v power connectors. This power supply is both AMD approved and Intel Pentium 4 ready, it will also work with a Via C3 CPU. Of course this power supply will also work with old systems, it’s just able to handle the new technology.

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The ZM-MC1 is pretty cool, basically you can use one 4-pin Molex connection from the power supply to power four 3-pin fans. Two of the 3 pin connectors coming out of the ZM-MC1 are 12v and the other two are 5v. This is a really cool thing to have because it will save your 4-pin Molex and allow you to slow down the speed of a fan if you wish to do so.

The power supply uses 4 screws to attach the cover to the unit and there is no warrantee sticker which is usually in place to seal it up. This is a good thing because you can open your power supply and not have the warrantee voided. So I went ahead and opened up the power supply to take around. I always do this because I want to see is the power supply uses potimeters, which this power supply doesn’t. It also only has one big capacitor rather than two which is a little odd.

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