ZAGG Invisible Shield Screen Protector Review



Do you need to protect your phone but can’t find a good case?  Are you using an extended battery and can’t use a case but still need protection?  Then you at least need a good screen protector.

I have heard about the ZAGG Invisible Shield screen protectors for a while, but wasn’t convinced that the $15 entry price was worth it.  Like many Smartphone users, my slim Android LG Marquee would not last an entire day, so I upgraded to an extended-life 3800mAh battery.   I had great battery life, but could not use any standard case, which put my device at risk.

I am now a believer in the ZAGG Invisible Shield screen protector, but many people have problems with them.  Let me regale you with my experience.

One of the great features about the Invisible Shield is that it is die cut to fit your phone, and even has spots for the proximity sensor and camera.  Using generic screen protectors meant that I would have to cut my own, and there’s no way I have a steady enough hand to do this properly.

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