You Don’t Know Jack Fact Sheet

The award-winning YOU DON’T KNOW JACK game franchise is being reincarnated for the Xbox 360, PlayStation®3, WiiTM and NintendoTM DS platforms. Pop culture and high culture famously collide in this fast-paced trivia party game show filled with zany mind-bending questions about what’s newsworthy, relevant & interesting in today’s world.


Play With Yourself or Up to 4 People – Locally & Online
Multiple Episodes to Play
73 on Wii, X360, PS3
37 on DS
Classic Question Modes
Shorties – Multiple Choice
DisOrDat – Subject Matter Matching
Jack Attack – Matching
4 Extra Downloadable Packs (X360/PS3) / 10 Episodes Each
Additional Fun Features
Screw Your Opponent
Wrong Answer of the Day BONUS
Comical Trophies
Bonus Easter Eggs