YES YES I am back…..

FRICKING DON’T FLY UNITED AIRLINES!! On the way back, they completely screwed up our flights, delaying one and making us almost miss the other. Between flights we literally ran from one gate to the other. Then, when I got to SeaTac… that’s right… everyone’s worst nightmare…. NO LUGGAGE!!!! AGHHHH!!!! But hey, they know where it is… so we just have to go pick it up at 3pm today. (It’s 12:27 right now)

Maui is beautiful. Maybe you guys didn’t know this, but Steven’s parents went with us because we are too young to rent cars and stuff over there. Oh well…not a lot of romantic time… but that’s okay….

Tons of snorkeling, beautiful weather, expensive food, warm water, nice sunsets, lots of great activities… overall very fun. It was just the last part that really sucked.

Oh, and don’t think that by me saying “cut into our romantic time” means no consumating… I think we may be part rabbit… lol.
I suppose I should say something about the wedding… it was fine! I’ll post some pictures when I get my camera cards (ugh…. in the luggage!!!). My mom called me during my honeymoon to tell me about everything that went wrong and then screamed at me for things that I was “supposed” to be responsible for… erm…. I think my job is 1. Don’t fall down, and 2. say “I do”. I told her to f*ck off and go get committed….. that’s right… I have a weird dysfunctional family too.
Oh well, back to the drag of everyday life! Look forward to more exciting blogs… 
do you mean to suggest that I am loud? Lol….
Like I said… no bummer about the inlaws…. didn’t stop the Oliver rabbits..
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