XtremeDDR PC-3200 Review



With the release of all of the DDR333 motherboards the overclockers have something faster and capable of handling fast quality RAM. DDR333 is classified as 2700, which is rated for 333MHz. If you are a true overclocker and want the faster RAM you can get either 3000, which is rated for 366MHz, or 3200, which is rated, for 400Mhz.

This Particular RAM is from a new company in the RAM business which is going to cater to those high end users who want the fastest best RAM on the market. Their website is not currently up right now but it will be XtremeDDR The RAM comes with Samsung chips which are known for their ability to do very high FSB and overclock very well, we will see later in this review if this holds true.


  • PC3200 ( DDR400 )
  • Samsung B3 -6ns chip
  • unbuffered
  • 256MB single sided 184 DIMM
  • 3-6-3 2T Timings
  • CL 2.5

The module and comes with green heatspreaders which will help dissipate the heat from it, especially when you pump some more voltage through them. The heatspreaders come in blue, purple, gold, silver, green, and red so if you are color coordinating your PC your RAM can match too.

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The module is a single sided stick which usually have a better time overclocking compared to those which are double sided. You can see that the heatspreader is making good contact with the RAM so that heat does not build up.
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Test Bed

    • EPoX 8K3A+
    • 1.2Ghz Thunderbird
    • XtremeDDR 256mb PC3200
    • 3DPower Geforce 3I will be using the following settings for the testing of the RAM on my EPoX 8K3A+ because they are the most agressive and will produce the best results.
    • DRAM Clock: 166
    • SDRAM Cycle Length: 2
    • Bank Interleave: 4 Way
    • Precharge To Active: 2T
    • Active To Precharge: 5T
    • Active To CMD: 2T
    • DRAM Burst Length: 4
    • DRAM Queue Depth: 4 Level
    • DRAM Command Rate: 1CMD