XtremeDDR PC2700 Memory Review



I recently reviewed a stick of PC3200 from XtremeDDR which PC-PitStop sent me. I was really impressed with the PC3200 from XtremeDDR and gave it the OCmodshop Seal of Approval. PC2700 is DDR333 which is what all of the new AMD motherboards are running with using the VIA KT333 chipset. The VIA KT400 is coming out soon which will officially support DDR400 but until then the VIA KT333 chipset is the fastest on the market for AMD.

Below is a chart of DDR speeds by the PC rating, DDR rating, and MHz that corresponds with each one. We are looking at the PC2700 which is DDR333 and 166MHz, above that is PC3000, PC3200 and recently PC3500 immerged which I will have some reviews of soon also.

PC1600 DDR200 100MHz
PC2100 DDR266 133MHz
PC2400 DDR300 150MHz
PC2700 DDR333 166MHz
PC3000 DDR366 183MHz
PC3200 DDR400 200MHz
PC3500 DDR433 216MHz

The XtremeDDR 2700 module comes in a 256MB single sided version or a 512MB double sided version. This stick of RAM uses Samsung B3 -6ns chips that are really good; Samsung chips have proven to be very good at obtaining high FSB. The timings for this stick of RAM are the fastest by motherboard standards right now, 2-2-2 1T. This stick of RAM looks mighty impressive we shall see what it can really do later.

  • Available in 512MB Double Sided Module
  • Available in 256MB Single Sided Module
  • Color Aluminum Heat Spreader
  • Samsung B3 -6ns Chip
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 2-2-2 1T Timings
  • 333 (166) MHz
  • Unbuffered
  • CL 2.0

The stick of RAM comes in a basic package with some information about the RAM which is printed on a sticker and keeps the case closed. Nothing really fancy about the packaging on this RAM but it does the job and keeps cost of production down which means lower prices for you.

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I opened up the package and took the stick of RAM out of the package. The RAM comes with a silver heatspreader which is good to help dissipate heat so you can overclock better. The heatspreaders come in 6 different colors: blue, gold, green, maroon, purple, and silver. I chose silver for no particular reason, the top of the heatspreader has a sticker on it with the speed and timings that is rated for and the back of it has the XtremeDDR logo etched into it.

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This particular model of RAM is single sided meaning that only one side of the stick has chips on it. Single sided sticks are known to overclock a little higher than the double sided ones so this is a good thing. I was going to take the heatspreader off to see what was going on underneath it but I did not want to damage the RAM.
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