Xmas Eve Shopping

So I am a procrastinator just like everyone else. Bah. Went shopping today and yesterday, and between three malls, it wasn’t crazy at all! No lines, and tons of sales people just standing around bored as hell. It was really nice and I even got some last minute shopper sales.

Decided to get some new boots at Macy’s, I got a couple of Macy’s giftcards. We’ll have to do a fun picture, they are extremely pirate.
I get the day off now, and tomorrow. Then back to the grind for 5 days straight, then teaching day, then New Years, then 5 more days, then school. Sorry rambling sentence, but that seems like how my life is sometimes.
Biatchy people during the holidays at my store. Lots of grouches getting off and on airplanes, complaining that we don’t have certain food, complaining about how I bag… lalala. It is relieving to know that I don’t have to care though. If we’re out of something, we’re just out, and there isn’t anything I can do. Except then I have to listen to every customer say the same thing: “It was so good and now I’m hooked, but you got rid of it”. Yah, because it was my frickin’ choice. And why do I care that you weren’t smart enough to know that TJ’s turkeys are seasonal, considering it says “SEASONAL ITEM” next to it. Perhaps they should have bought extra. Dumb people.
I hope everyone gets what they want for Christmas..!!! Posting tomorrow about fun stuff I got.
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