Xbox Live Users Disgust Me!!!

I was playing Lost Planet multiplayer…. and I was completely disgusted by this conversation:

Someone on the opposing team by the alias of LIONEL SCOTCH: Lookie here, we have some n****ers and some g**ks in here. Come back here!
Me: Okay come on, there is no need to be racist.
Scotch: look boys, we have a fat bitch ho in here….
Me: what? I’m not fat….
Scotch: Well you must be if you’re playing xbox live with the big boys while you stuff that twinkie in your face you fat bitch…
Me: What? This is completely uncalled for. Just because I like to play xbox….
Another person: What’s wrong with girls playing?
Scotch: Because this one is a nasty fat bitch!

I’m so floored right now…… why is there something wrong with girls playing Xbox live? What did I do here? I think us OCMSers should bind together….

Okay so some people might think I’m a little nasty…..that’s only because they don’t know I work for OCMS….. I wish Xbox live players didn’t think I absorb twinkies…

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