Xbox 360 VGA Cable Review



Back when the original Xbox was new there were only a few ways to connect it to a display. Many Xbox gamers were also PC enthusiasts, so a VGA cable was a coveted commodity and was rare. Only some manufacturer no one had ever heard of from DingChong, China were selling them, so they were hard to find for awhile. Microsoft never released an official VGA cable for the original Xbox, but should have. Finally the Xbox 360 guys heard our cries and released a cable that pumps out the new Xbox 360’s graphics in VGA format. It’s also helpful for those of us that want to show off our Xbox 360s at the next LAN party, where HDTV sets are scarce, but VGA monitors abound!

The cable has been available since the 360’s launch, and has been readily available. The Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable has a DV-15S VGA connector and stereo audio cables, plus a SPDIF port for connection to a Dolby Digital receiver, similar to the high definition Component HD AV cable. The VGA cable is rather thick, but no so thick as to be inflexible. The left and right RCA audio jacks are of adequate thickness, but not Monster standard. The entire cable is 8 feet long and has a rubbery matte-grey texture along its entire length. The SCART plug is of course trapezoid shaped and will only connect in one direction, so there is no fear of attaching the plug incorrectly.

More and more HDTV sets are coming equipped with VGA inputs, and the average family is likely to have a computer monitor over a new high-definition set (many families even have multiple VGA monitors in the house!). The VGA cable makes a lot of sense – it allows the user to experience the true high-definition power of the Xbox 360 without having to spend thousands on a home theater display. All xbox 360 games have high-definition support, so a high resolution VGA cable will deliver a superior experience compared to a standard-definition TV. Consumers seem to agree, as the VGA cable has been sold out whenever I visit my local Best Buy.