Xbox 360 Console Review


All I want for Christmas

Well it’s been released for two weeks now and I can honestly say that the release has been anything but smooth. From rumors that the machine is being sold at $140 under what it costs to actually make them. To the machines themselves that our burning up games and frying themselves (console cannabalism). But where everyone seems to be stuck in the negative I can’t seem to be anything but happy with my system. But then, who am I? Here I am readying myself to talk about the XBOX 360 and you and I have yet to develop that trust that one needs to believe a reviewer. So bear with me as one game lover to another and maybe we’ll get out of this without anyone getting injured (no promises though).

When I first opened my 360, I was impressed with how much weight it had, the system itself is quite beefy and reminded me of a component from a home theatre system. The accompanying power system was as impressive a power supply I have ever seen. It’s close to four pounds and has its own gravitational pull, so be careful.

The system itself sits nicely on its own shelf with the power supply next to it and the HD Component cables that come standard with the deluxe edition (the core edition only has standard AV cables) are long enough to fish around my other equipment and to the far side of my 47″ HDTV.

Using a “Psyclone” brand optic cable (the system does not come with one) I was able to connect directly into my receiver and enjoy true 5.1 surround sound. Something of note about the cables though, there is a switch on the base of the connection that allows you to switch from regular TV to HDTV, so’s that everyone who happened to purchase the deluxe system would be covered.

Yes, this system is fully embracing the HDTV revolution and man I cannot tell you how cool this bad boy looks when played on a kick butt television Using the 1080i and/or 720p settings the system really dials in on the worlds developed by the various game companies.

Since I have several other systems hooked up to the same TV, I found myself marveling at how the 360 graphics (I was playing Kameo) just flat out blew away the other systems graphics ( I was toggling between input “ins”). Now I know that it’s like comparing apples to oranges, but you just can’t fully appreciate how one system pumps out graphics unless you compare them to another with the same type hookups and TV. Yes, this thing looks absolutely beautiful.

But more then that, the game machine has such a powerful processing engine that the colors that are being produced are overly brilliant. It’s no joke when Microsoft says that it is easily four times more powerful then the original Xbox and that it has and the unified memory architecture is eight times the previous Xbox contained. Let me put it to you this way.

I have been playing Kameo religiously, and aside from looking an awful lot like a cartoon, the environments are rendered with real depth. For example, as I am running along, I can see not only the hill coming up, but details on the hill, past the hill is a mountain, again details are clearly recognizable and still beyond that is smoke coming from a village under attack, clouds in the night sky and then the moon. It is breathtaking to take in and on top of it all, there is no slowdown anywhere to be found. There’s an army of Trolls running around battling an army of the forces of good, and there is NO SLOWDOWN! Truely an awesome thing to behold. And this is because of the way the 360 was designed, programmers can put as much dedicated memory to any facet of the graphics. Whether it’s backgrounds, in game characters or frame rate, the 360 is easily pumping out the eye candy.