Xbox 360 Burnable Demo Disc


A burnable self-booting Xbox 360 demo DVD image is floating around on the internet. Users can supposedly download, burn this image, and run it on the new Xbox 360. OCmodshop is following this story closely, and will post more news as it is available. Here is what we know now…

PI’s nfo file says: “datafiles on this disc isn’t signed in any way”. PI is right here, but many people don’t understand this correctly. They mean datafiles like wmv, png, … aren’t signed. XEX/EXE files are still signed. The reason these executables run on recordable media is no ‘hacking’, it’s simply because Microsoft set the ‘mediaflag’ so it can run from DVD+-R too. Nothing is changed in the XEX files on the disc, so the signatures (in XEX header) are still valid. * You can’t use this disc to boot retail discs/games (like by placing them in the /demos/ dir) as those are set by Microsoft so you can only run them from DVDXBOX(360) media (and might have a DVD physical structure check too?).

Everything is playable, also the game demos (each has its own XEX/EXE file). If you add/remove files on this demo disc it’ll still boot (as long as you don’t remove essential stuff like /default.XEX of course).

Here are some other interesting details from Arakon on the forums:

  • It’s a simple ISO file you can read it with any ISO extractor. You can also browse the burned DVD in explorer.
  • The Live Arcade games are infact standard flash games (atleast Hexic is). You can run Hexic in a browser that has the flash plugin installed. So the default.xex in the hexic dir might not be more then a flashplayer. He tried replacing the hexic flash file with anyother swf file, but the Xbox crashed (black screen) on that. If working … it could be interesting for some homebrew flash games
  • The playable demos are not accessible if the Xbox 360 launguage is set to German (it probably only works if set to english).
  • There are more videos and pictures on the disc than those accessible via the Xbox 360 interface. *NOTE* Do not ask us or anyone on the forums where to find this disc. This disc is copyright protected and can’t be legally distributed.
                                      ÜÜÜÜ   þ      PI!
                                Ü  ܲ²ÛßßÛÛÛÜ  Ü ß   ÜÜÜÜ
                     þ         ß²ßܲ²ÛÜ  ÜÛ²²Üß²ß Ü²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÜ
                       ßÜÜ    ß ÜÜß²Ûßßßßßßßßß    ßßßßßßßÛßÛ       þ
                         ß²²   ²²Ûß ÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ÛÛÛÛ²² ÛÛÛÛß   ÜÜß
                           ß  ÜÜÛ ÜÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²ÛÛÛÛ°ÛÛÛÛÛÝÞÛÛÛÜ °±²ß
                   °°        ²²ÛÝÞÛßß  ÛÛÛÝ Ü Û²Û Ü ÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÝ°ß    °°
                 ÜÜ    ÜÜ    ßÛÛ ß ÜÛ² ÛÛÛ Þ² ÛÛÛ Û ÛÛÛ²²Ûß   ÜÜ    ÜÜ
              Ü²ß   Ü²ß      ܲÜÛÛÛÛÛÝÞÛÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛÛ ÛßÛÛÛÜ  Ü     ß²Ü   ßÛÜ
             ÞÛÝ   ÛÛÝ   ÜÜ   ß ßÛ²ÛÛ ÞÛÛÝ ²Û ²ÛÛ ²ÛÛ²²ß    ÜÜ   ÞÛÛ   ÞÛÝ
              ß²Ü  ß²²Ü ß²²ß  Ü  Û ßß ÛÛÛÝ ±Û ²ÛÛ ±Û²Ü  Ü  ß²²ß ܲ²ß  ܲß
                ßßÛÜÜÛßÛÛÜÜÜ²ß   ²   ²ÛÛÛ  °² ²²ÛÝ ²²ßÜ  ßßÜÜÜÛÛßÛÜÜÛßß
                    ÛÛßß²²ÜÜ     ± ܲÛÛÛÛ   ± ²²ÛÛÜ  ܲ    Üܲ²ßßÛÛ
                 m0 ²Û   Ü ßÛ²Ü  °ÞÛß ßÛÝ   ° ß²²ÛÛÛÛ²  ܲÛß Ü   Û² CRO
                    °²  ß²ß Û  ß   ßÛÜÛß       ß²²Û²ß  ß  Û ß²ß  ²°
                     ±      ² °° ß       ܲ²Ü        ß °° ²      ±
                     °      ±    ÞÝ       ßß  Ü     ÞÝ    ±      °
                     Ü      °   Üß    þ              ßÜ   °      Ü
                              ß                         ß
                        EXPERIENCE XBOX 360 *SELFBOOTING* DISC!
          ³Û²±°      RELEASE INFORMATION   _ __/     /  / /\_____ __ _ °±²Û³
                 Platform: Xbox 360      Category: Big m$ fuckup! :)
                 Released: 12/27/2005    Origin: Europe/ Pal
          ³Û²±°      RELEASE NOTES         _ __/     /  / /\____ __ _  °±²Û³
            Microsoft left us with this blanket statement:
            "Xbox 360 retail kiosks have started arriving at retailers.
            Due to the nature of the distribution process, not all kiosks
            are hitting simultaneously, but are continuing to pop up in
            retailers across the country in the coming weeks.
            The kiosks are designed for a retail environment and feature
            game samples, game trailers and product information."
            Team Pi leaves you with this Pillow statement:
            "It seems Microsoft was in such a hurry to get this stuff out
            that they forgot to set the media protection on this disc.
            This leaves hackers with the posibility to hack around with
            this disc that load from a normal DVDR5 backup! - Team Pi
            also notes that the all datafiles on this disc isn't signed in
            any way, and will allow for extensive modification for producing
            exploits to further our efford to hack this box!"
            Playable (hackable) games on this disc:
              Call of Duty 2, Hexic, Kameo, King Kong.
            Also includes lots of game and accessory demos in video format.
            Nothing ripped, just foreign videos were downsampled to fit
            onto a normal DVDR5!
          ³Û²±°      SPECIAL NOTE         _ __/     /  / /\____ __ _  °±²Û³
            YES you can run this! Burn the iso, put it into your xbox and
            be very amazed... Next, think of the posibilities of hacking
            this little demo disc that we might start running code on
            the retail xbox 360's ! :)
            So the second task is done. We hope this encourages all hackers,
            coders and crackers out there to take up the challenge.
            Special note to the Clear kids: Yes, we are old and lazy, and no,
            we are not going to do some scene war against you. Life is too
            short for that, and our dicks are allready large enough :)
            Keep up the hard work!
                      Pi Putting the 360' Spin on the Xbox :-)
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