X-Play Cast Autograph Session


Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb took time out of their busy schedule to sign autographs for their adoring fans at PAX 2010 in Seattle.

I met Adam on the show floor of PAX last year, and we chatted for a bit and even talked of a potential interview.  Trying to follow Wheaton’s Law (“don’t be a dick”) I played nice and am going through the “proper channels”.  I met with the Executive Producer of X-play and so we’re trying to set up an interview or at least get some dialogue going to create an article about how X-play has affected the gamer scene.

While Abbie Heppe wasn’t there, Blair herter and Michael Leffler were there to meet with the crowd.  The G4 camera guys also went through the line to see if anyone wanted to make a fool of themselves on national TV.

Oh, heck… here’s the video.


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