X-oom Podcast Studio Review


Simple Podcast Software

Everywhere I go, I see people with iPods.  They started with less than 1GB of space, went up to 2GB and 4GB, and then there were rumors roaming the web about an astoundingly huge 30GB version… with video.  And now we have an 80GB version that has music, movies, games, internet, and just about anything else you could think of.  These things do just about anything you want except execute a hit on a world dictator.  Not to mention that you don’t even have to use buttons on the little suckers anymore.  Everything is touchscreen.

And all you have to do to be a part of it all is to simply own one.  But what about those people that want to take it a step further?  There are bloggers all around the world wanting to get their word out, and what better way to do it than the net?  And what better format than audio.  You spurt your random nonsense into a microphone, send that crap to cyberspace, and every person on the planet with an internet connection has access.  And the peeps over at X-OOM have the studio to help you make your dreams of being a world-wide-blabbermouth come true.  Today I’m checking out X-OOM’s Podcast Studio, and I’ll check out the joys of podcasting for myself.  But first, check out the info:

X-OOM Podcast Studio

  • Your radio, your show and your Podcast
  • The all-rounder for your podcasts
  • Podcast Director: creating, managing, updating and publishing your own podcasts
  • Podcast Publisher: assistance with entering your podcasts in various podcast directories
  • Podcast Manager: subscribing and managing podcasts
  • Also supports video podcasts
  • Audio Recorder: recording music and sound from unlimited audio sourcesX-OOM Podcast Studio is the leading software for anyone who wants to become active in the area of podcasting. Use this easy method for creating, managing, editing and publishing podcasts, or for simply saving them to your PC.