X-Arcade Tankstick Review


Relive thousands of arcade classics

Do you remember the original Transformers, He-Man, or G.I. Joe? Do you relate to the Goonies? If so, then congratulate yourself for growing up in the 80s. You probably begged your dad to give you your meager allowance in quarters so that you could blow it all at the local arcade. Those blocky-pixel days of yore may be gone, but there really was nothing like hanging out in the arcade. Massively multiplayer games back then consisted of games that supported FOUR players at the same time! (like Gauntlet or many Capcom fighters)

Every 8-bit console back then had a “home version” of popular arcade games, but the full cabinet games back then had a particular feel, which just could not be duplicated at home. Thanks to today’s powerful computers, you can now emulate nearly every arcade game ever made.

To achieve a truly authentic arcade experience at home, you should have a genuine tabletop arcade joystick. Several vendors have created them in the past, but these had several limitations: either the joysticks were too small for multiplayer, or there was no trackball.

Those who remember the days of arcade glory know, however, that a gamepad really can’t compare to an arcade stick. A proper joystick is more accurate than any D-pad or analog stick and leveraging five fingers on arcade buttons rather than a single thumb with a gamepad makes long and complex combos far more doable.

X-arcade has been making high-end authentic arcade-quality controls for several years, and have released their latest flagship product, the X-Arcade Tankstick. The sticks and buttons used by the company are industrial quality and the cases are famously over-built and absurdly sturdy.

The newest addition to Xgaming’s award-winning lineup remains faithful to it’s arcadian ancestry and injects the most complete and authentic home arcade gaming experience into your home.