WWE No Way Out Review

I used to review Pay-per-views a lot, and then I stopped cuz I realised it had nothing to do with video games. Since I was actually able to go to No Way Out at the Key Arena this year, I thought I’d do a review of it real quick.

To begin: The Seattle crowd sucks. Like, really really sucks. They don’t know when to sit down, hardly none of them make much noise, and a lot of them were not legitimate wreslting fans or even knew the storylines of the matches, this just all added to a lot of awkward moments. I’m jumping up saying Edge sucks and three guys next to me are wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I boo John Cena and the whole row is just boring. I was on the floor, typically the big fans are on the floor. It’s like going to a Rolling Stones concert with fans who don’t even know the first few words of “Paint it Black”

It didn’t help matters that there were three kids who kept getting on their seats taking pictures blocking my view.

I liked the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. Edge getting pinned immediatly was good booking for later, and it really set Jeff Hardy up when he lost the match. Each wreslter looked strong, though I am not so sure on Triple H getting the strap. The next night on raw set up a damn good feud, but I’m annoyed H got the belt because he ALWAYS friggen gets it. Still, I don’t mind it so much as the feud between him and Randy Orton is getting interesting.

The Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton No Holds Barred match sucked. Well, from my POV it did. Just a snore fest and not anything like Shane has done prior to this bout. Boo. Orton didn’t sell anything and Legacy came in to beat Shane down for the sole purpose of reminding us that those two are alligned with Orton now.

Next was Jack Swagger Vs Finlay. While the NHB match was boring but had a few interesting moments, this match was flat out stupid. Zero chemistry and horrible in-ring work between botha and both are capable of more. Why does Swagger have the belt again?  This match only served me a purpose of getting up and getting a piss-break/drink of water.

JBL vs Shawn Micheals was ok. Just “ok”. Everyone and their mother knew HBK was going to win. JBL being so boring now with his slightly immoble body didn’t help it much. Since Shawn can make anything look good, he brought the pace of the match up, overall nothing great though.

The Raw Elimination Chamber closed the show. John Cena came out to a huge pop, and then the crowd threw out a HUGE cheer when he was pinned and eliminated. Ouch!  I did like the ending with Rey and Edge. It was nice to see Mysterio get the rub and stay till the end. I like that Edge won this match as it now sets up some good Wrestlemania storylines going into April.

 Overall: C+ The crowd really, really, brought the show down. I kinda wished I watched it at home because then I could scream and hollar loud without people thinking I’m crazy. When I get the DVD I’ll be scanning it hard to find whereever I’m standing. Other than the crowd, every match was just…boring. Nothing that great and I was dissapointed with the card. They had SO MUCH potential with that card and no one did anything but just stand around. boo.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.