wuddya git fuh x-mas

Well, I wuz gonna start a “wuddya git fuh x-mas” thread, but I guess Trisha started it. Here’s my haul:

  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Medal of Honor Airborne (Wii)
  • Tony Hawk Proving Ground (Wii)
  • Indianapolis 500 Legends (thanks Destineer!)
  • Nintendo DS Zelda Edition (gold case with Phantom Hourglass)
  • The Godfather (Wii)
  • Nyko Pistol Grip for Wii
  • Kickass Carson Kresley Leather Jacket (yes, the guy from Queer Eye has a clothing line now)
  • Leather shoes that don’t fit
  • bunch of bumming clothes from Old Navy
  • a set of 4 disposable pens (thanks, Aunt Fran…)
  • A Hometics Clock Radio iPod dock thingy that projects the time on the wall
  • Chicago Cutlery set of knives
  • A metal “@” symbol…? weird…
  • A deep fryer
  • A Memory-Foam-California-King-Size bed
  • Gift-cards-a-plenty
  • A rock
My dad sent some money and we went out and bought one of those memory-foam beds from a Sleep Country outlet store… it gets delivered on Saturday… yippie!  The Queen bed we have we’ve been sleeping on for 10 years… it creaketh verily…

The DS is really my son’s, but I hork it from him… Phantom Hourglass is amazingly addicting.  I got my wife a ton of DS games that I play, too (Flash Focus, Crossword puzzles, etc).  Cooking Mama 2 is also amazingly addicting (and difficult).

The clock-radio thing… well I wrote in this article (http://www.ocmodshop.com/ocmodshop.aspx?a=271) that you should NEVER buy anything with “clock” and “radio” in the description, but I guess that was before they invented iPod swag…

On X-mas eve I received a package from one of the PR firms we work with… they sent me a 2008 calendar/address booklet with a realistic simulated vinylite cover.  They even printed their company’s name right on the front cover so I won’t forget what an awesome company they are for sending out such an awesome gift. 

Other site admins tell me they get awesome stuff from Google this time of year for generating so much money… where’s my Google love?  I get nuttin’…


Trisha, you also get a kickass Rosewill USB hub for X-mas… well, you have to review it, but Merry X-mas! Since you have a Wii, now I guess I could slip you the Indy 500 love…

JEC, which camera do you have, and which lenses did you get?  I’d love some new lenses, but the cheapest one on my list is $700… right out of the X-mas option…
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