Writing from beneath piles of paperwork and trying to understand commission sales

When I signed up for nursing school, no one told me that instead of taking vital signs and starting IVs I would be doing a ton of paperwork. I have spent more hours doing paperwork over the past year than sleeping. Real nurses don’t do this much paperwork! I say “Hi” to my patient, and then go outside their room and do paperwork for five hours. Great.

I’ve been having some trouble lately with my schedule. Trying to get my piano students to shuffle around to accomodate a changing clinical schedule is rough. In this economy, trying to find a job that can be flexible with my schedule is also a nightmare. I just keep on truckin’.

Nothing really new for me in the technology world. I find my work at Sears to be quite boring now. Instead of customers walking up to me and picking my brain about information and then buying the best TV, they now say “I have a $2K credit limit. What can I get” and they buy that TV and its over with. I feel used!

Here is something I don’t understand: why do stores that have electronics departments that are paid on commission constantly hire people who don’t give a SHIT about electronics? We now have a preggers girl in my department who is only there because “she displays enthusiasm”. That does not translate into “I know things about electronics”. Believe it or not, my tits don’t sell TVs. Since most of the people making big purchases either are women shopping alone or women shopping with their husbands, it doesn’t pay for me to not know what I’m talking about.

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into Best Buy and the dude says “Hi, I’m your non-commission salesman today. What can I help you with?” I immediately think “d-bag”. It makes sense to pay people on commission. They get paid for their knowledge and skills, and they are committed to knowing their product and learning about the new products. They also show up for work more often. If there are salespeople who work on commission and are dumb-asses, I do not buy from them! And most other people I know don’t either.

I don’t get it.

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